Summer Program Information 

Prepare for a fun-filled and educational summer at Appleseed Academy!  Always striving to be just a little different than everyone else, we are focusing on exciting enrichment camps for children ages 2 through 12.  Our summer camps offer unique opportunities for children to expand their knowledge in an exciting and challenging atmosphere.  Your children are sure to have fun and learn new things in our theme based programming.  And, for the school aged kids (full-time care only), we have field trips planned every week, the price of which is included in your weekly tuition.  Each  theme focuses on a new adventure.  Every week, the children will engage in a multitude of activities relating to the current theme, including art, drama, stories, music, and mental and physical challenges. Below are samples of curriculum we used last summer.
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Preschool Adventures
(Ages 2-5)

June:  Let’s Be House Hunters!
Preschoolers will travel all over the world as they explore the many interesting and unique places people and animals call home.  From houseboats to castles, spider webs to tunnels, children will discover many cozy places full of life. They will also learn how to be good neighbors in their own communities. 

July:  Let’s Be Nature Detectives!
Preschoolers will investigate the mysteries of the air, water, trees, and soil as they learn about their natural environment .  They will discover and experiment in the outdoors as they hone their skills of observation and inquiry.  They will also learn about the importance of caring for the environment.

August:  Let’s Be Storytellers!
Preschoolers’ imaginations will take flight as they listen to fables and folktales from all over the world. They will create art, write their own endings and play games that put them inside their favorite stories.

Field Trips for Ages 6-12

This summer, expand your child's world.  Opportunities abound in the North Texas area for children to learn first-hand about science, history, other cultures, and the arts.

The following are just a few of the field trips we are planning for the summer: 

Perot Museum of Nature & Science
Dallas Children’s Aquarium
Legoland Discovery Center
Dallas Zoo
Dallas Children’s Theater
Old Red Courthouse Museum
Pottery & Art Studio
Movies, Ice Skating, Bowling, Playground, etc.

Adventures for 
School-Age Children
(Ages 6-12)

School-age children will broaden their knowledge and understanding of history, the arts, science, and technology.  Fun and exciting weekly themes will spark children’s curiosity and imaginations, and challenge their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

The following are just a few of the themes planned for the summer:

CSI Expert!
Children will use their deductive reasoning skills to solve a crime as they learn evidence collection techniques, such as studying fingerprints, collecting dental impressions, and analyzing bloodstains.

Gizmos and Gadgets!
Children will learn about some of the most amazing inventions throughout history and discover how they work.  Then they will become inventors themselves as they design, create, and showcase their own awesome inventions.

Space – the Final Frontier!
Children will expand their knowledge of  the universe as they question whether life exists on other planets.  They will draw their own conclusions by looking at the most recent scientific discoveries and conducting their own scientific experiments.